What Are The Chances?

Well it is getting close to Turkey Day and while a fine Biskit Roller made home Turkey Dinner with fixing and all plus a few adult highball is not a Chicken Pot Pie, it is gonna be good eatin’s here at Chez Arturo. So, until the bird has been boned and clear cut of any meat scraps, I bid you a Bone Appetite. 

Arturo, 2017

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Well, we won’t quibble about things like scores or performance on the field last week.  I think it pretty clear to all who were there to witness: The Raiders stunk in Game 3 vs Washington. Maybe the political climate with Mr. DipShit in office.

The good news is Biskit Roller put a fine one on the table! Or, should I be candid and say, on Raider NIGHT games, we eat on the couch! Sur la couch-a? However you spell it, pray it or say it, that woman can bake a pie (chicken pot)!

Here the trippy part: if you gaze long enough and deep enough you will see the Raider Nation icon in the crust of this pie.

If you gaze long enough and deep enough, you’ll see the beauty and love of the natural woman I like to call my Biskit Roller.  — Arturo

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Jet Lag Pie

Hello to all you travelers!

Recently had a transcontinental flight from New York LaGuardia to Denver to San Jose. This was the East Coast 2017 Tour.  Biskit Roller was right there to pick me up and after a Welcome Back hug, we headed home. When I asked about dinner and she told me it was a surprise, I guessed I’d be having some Chicken Pot Pie tonite!  I was not disappointed! What a great wife and what a great pie! – Arturo

P.S. Being “jet lagged”, I forgot to take a picture but I did take a second helping!

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Pies of a Feather?

What a surprise this turned out to be!


What y’all think about this Chick Pea Pie baked up by Biskit Roller’s daughter Leilani for family dinner. I know that not everyone enjoys a chicken dish as much as I (hard to imagine!) but to each his own. I myself have eaten and enjoyed vegan and cooked up a few dishes myself but never a Chick Pea Pie.

Hope I get a taste! – Arturo

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In a pinch …

What with the rain we have been having – beautiful days – we haven’t much messed with too much kitchen or culinary efforts. Just trying to weather the storms.  I forget the details or even the date, but I put a Callender in the oven, small size.

Here’s what it looked like:


I messed with the snapshot in an online editor. Funny I had never before done that for Chicken Pie photos, always believing that the art in is the gravy and the gravy’s in the pie. – Arturo

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Whither, o Muse, no more

How long has it been? We was walking the streets of New York City last time I posted here. Sure I could blame the remodel, as in 3 months of garage hot plate cooking and the lack of a proper oven, so it was out of the questions. Finally got the New Kitchen in and working, so it was Chicken Pot Pies for all on my Birthday!   Thank you, Ms. Biskit Roller!   A few frozen Stouffer’s along the way just to keep my hand in the game.

So while pie was going in, “pie” wasn’t coming out! You start to wonder “Am I washed up in the Chicken Pot Pie Bloggers worlds?”, “On Hiatus?” or worse.

So today, I was cruising the Slaveway frozen aisles, I admit I bought a Stouffer’s “small” (for emergency basis) and headed to Checkout. In the magazine rack, it caught my eye:


Tell me about it! The Pie Muse is back! — Arturo

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New York City Pie!

To all my pie friends,
First excuse the long gap in Pie Posts. It’s not that I been off the pie, but been off the old social network. Living life instead of imitating it through “art” …  but I do digress and I’ll try to be a more frequent writer.

So, long story short, me and Biskit Roller were in New York City a few weeks ago and strolling the city. Man that is a place for walking and subways get you there quick and easy. Believe you me, I had done some pre-trip research for “the best Chicken Pie in New York City” and similar, and not a winner to be found. Most had weird stuff like foie de gras and truffles. No thank you, ma’am. So my hopes for a Big Apple Pie were not high.

One day while walking through Chelsea Market checking out all the good lunch spots to grab a bite, many choices caught our eye as we strolled through the crowds. We turned a corner and there it was, Chicken Pot Pie at Savory Pies, sitting pretty in the warming oven:

NYC Pie Case








I was tempted, I admit. But just having eaten Cambodian Banh Mi – 5 Spice Pork Belly for me and a Tiger Shrimp for Biskit Roller- I couldn’t eat another bite! Dang!  At least I know they exist and New York City is not a total wasteland for haute pie cuisine!  – Arturo

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